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France Wholesale Directory

Welcome to Wholesale France, the first online directory of French wholesale suppliers and trade sources. The directory lists the following types of sources in France.
  • Wholesalers
  • Trade Suppliers
  • Distributors
  • Excatalogue Stockists
  • Surplus Suppliers
  • Clearance Stockists
Our France Wholesalers directory will assist you in finding the latest information about wholesale suppliers in various regions of France. You will not only save time and effort but you can also save up to 90% on retail prices, hence increasing your profit margins by buying at extremely low prices.
The France Wholesale Suppliers and Dropshippers directory has normal and advanced features which will assist you in searching for wholesalers all over France. We have also provided an extensive description about the type of products each wholesaler deals in. Whether you are a first time trader or an established business, our French wholesalers, suppliers and dropshippers directories will help you to locate wholesalers providing merchandise at prices you could not have imagined. Through these French wholesalers you will be able to buy a variety of products like audio equipment, clothing, home ware, kitchenware, toys, games, sport equipment and more at high discounts and bulk wholesale prices. The 'Wholesale France' dedicated research team is always working round the clock to make sure that new companies, French wholesalers, suppliers, distributors, dropshippers and relevant information and content is added on a regular basis.
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Categories of Wholesalers in our French Wholesale Directory:
The numbers within the brackets (xx) represent the total number of wholesalers in each category.
Accessories and Misc (173) Edition (39) Pictures and Paintings (77)
Antiques (55) Fashion Accessories (128) Porcelain (86)
Arts and Crafts (125) Flatware (31) Posters (29)
Bags and Travel bags (58) Floral Decoration (31) Pots and Pans Casseroles (25)
Basketwork (49) Food Gifts and Gourmet Products (22) Pottery (51)
Bath Accessories (91) Fragrances (124) Press - Magazines (99)
Bathroom Linen (80) Furnishing Fabrics (52) Reproductions (46)
Bed Linen (137) Games (37) Sandstone (10)
Candles (116) Garden Decoration (111) Sculptures (60)
Candlesticks and Candelholders (85) Giftware (579) Service Companies (14)
Carpets (82) Glassware and Crystalware (109) Smokers Accessories (26)
Casual Tableware (68) Goldsmiths Work (16) Souvenirs (47)
Ceramic (128) Greeting Cards (58) Stationery (89)
Christmas Decoration (61) Illusions (20) Statuettes and Figurines (62)
Clocks and Watches (35) Kitchen Utensils (65) Stowing Equipment (18)
Clothing (48) Licensed Objects (47) Table Decoration (160)
Creative Leisure (33) Lighting and Lamps (341) Table Linen (141)
Crockery (59) Miniatures (44) Tableware (341)
Curtains Net Curtains Trimmings (86) Mirrors (92) Tapestry (17)
Cushions (160) Nautical Ornaments and Models (39) Textile (220)
Cutlery (31) Needle Work (8) Toiletries (32)
Decorative Furniture (354) Nursery Accessories (79) Toys (73)
Decorative Objects (491) Office Accessories (67) Vases (103)
Design Items (206) One-of-items (129) Wall Panels (29)
Dolls and Puppets (24) Packaging (25) Walls and Floors (20)
Duvets Blankets Pillows Rugs (103) Pewter (20) Window Displays (15)
Earthenware (40) Picture Framing (93) Writing Accessories (35)


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